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At EverydayFamily: No excuses! Easy resources to up your financial savvy

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I hate dealing with my finances. When I was married, I paid the daily bills but I stayed far, far away from the big financial picture. Starting over, I have been forced to get my head in the game and understand my finances in a much bigger sense. Whether married or single, everyone should have…

When moms go out

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When is the last time you had a “girls’ night out”? These days, they are harder to come by – and end much, much earlier. I’m over at EverydayFamily this week with what a GNO looks like as a mom. Come by and let me know if this sounds familiar! ~ChiMomWriter

Great children’s books for families outside the cookie cutter


I am over at EverydayFamily this week with a list of great children’s books for “non-traditional” families. I struggled with that title quite a bit, because I don’t really know what “traditional” is these days. Most families I know fall outside of the cookie cutter, and I am excited to see more children’s books recognize…

Divorce: 5 lessons from the other side


There is no easy way through divorce, and it seems like, even after the fact, I am still discovering new layers. This week at EverydayFamily, I’ve shared five lessons from the other side. If you have been through this, I hope you will share your own in the comments as well! You can read the…

At EverydayFamily: Adding a second child – and what you won’t find in parenting books


Some of the most important parenting information we get can’t be found in the manuals we buy. It is from other parents who have already been down that road – or from a whole lot of trial and error. I asked parents what lessons they’ve learned from adding a second child to their family. I’m…


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I’m still here. Most of my posts these days are links out to my writing on other sites, but I’m still here. The notebook in my purse still fills up with scribbled writing ideas, the beginning of pieces, and snippets of images. At night, that notebook is thrown aside, as the rush of daycare pickup,…

At EverydayFamily: Other moms and birthday party dread

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It’s that time of the week again! I’m over at EverydayFamily. Ever have trouble meeting other parents? I have been to a number of school events lately and the anxiety of talking to other moms is absolutely overwhelming for me sometimes. Stop by to read what I learned at a recent birthday party – and what…

At EverydayFamily: Father’s Day when you are divorced

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This Sunday will be my third Father’s Day since we decided to get divorced. The first was the most difficult, while beginning the paperwork but still living at home. Now, there is a little more room, time, and healing. So what will I do about Father’s Day this year? Head over to EverydayFamily and find…