• Alanna George
    Alanna George
    Alanna began her career as a Design Manager in the scrapbooking industry. After the birth of her first daughter she turned freelance designer, crafter and stay-at-home mom. She resides in Michigan with her husband and their four kids (2 girls and 2 boys). You can find more crafting ideas and how to's at her blog, Alanna George | The Craft Nest. You can reach here by email here.
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  • Alien Mama
    Alien Mama
    Alien Mama is a mom of two beautiful girls – she loves them with all her heart; they drive her crazy. She’s been living in the Chicago suburbs since July ’08, having moved across The Pond from the UK. She’d like to be more in control of the chaos and drink more wine – maybe sometime in the future… Email Alien Mama
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  • AllFookedUp
    Lynn MacDonald, "AllFookedUp," is a mom, a blogger, a painter, a sculptor and a Philosopher and yet she still finds time to bring her opinions, her humor and her infinite – and yet somehow limited – wisdom of parenting and life to IBC and her main blog, All Fooked Up. She considers herself an underachiever and her ultimate goal is to be a “professional talk show guest!” She feels that her philosophies on life would put Plato to shame. In days of yore she used to carpool, help with homework, do her kids' school projects (better than they ever could) and misbehave in the bleachers but she is ALMOST AN EMPTY NESTER. Life has never looked better … and with less to do. You can contact her here.
    Twitter: AllFookedUpToo
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  • Betwixt and BeTween
    Betwixt and BeTween
    Betwixt and BeTween is a recovering attorney who loves holidays, sarcasm and sugar. This year she's celebrating her first year of marriage and her daughter's official arrival to the tween world. A recent transplant to the 'burbs who works from home, she's more grateful than ever for friends and margaritas. Email her here.
    Twitter: Shan910
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  • Blissinmama
    Blissinmama lives on the north side of Chicago where she’s the lucky parent of one adorable toddler. She’s also a yoga teacher and freelance editor. Other passions include cooking, reading, being outdoors, and travel. Her core parenting and life philosophy, and the mantra that keeps her grounded, is to live in the present and find the ability to take on those stressful moments from the perspective that all things are temporary. Email Blissinmama
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  • ChiMomWriter
    ChiMomWriter is a writer, marketer, mother, fundraiser, marathoner, and music lover. She has two kids, ages five and three. At night, she can be found ignoring the dishes and playing on Twitter - Stop by and say hello or drop her an email.
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  • Guest Blogger
    Guest Blogger
    This could be you! We love guest bloggers. To submit material for It Builds Character, check out the details here. A short bio will be included with your post.
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  • HandyAndysMom
    Wife, Mother, sister, daughter, aunt, cousin, niece… Full-time working girl during the week and full-time mom evenings and weekends. Her Type A personality has gone out the window after her having son, Andrew. Now it’s a weekly competition to see how high the laundry basket can pile up before it gets put away. She has learned that you have to pick your battles, that not everything goes as planned, and that it’s good to laugh more often than not. Email HandyAndysMom
    Twitter: morrispea1
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  • Mama Bear
    Mama Bear
    Mama Bear is a MBA-wielding, punk rock loving, emotionally-unstable woman on the inside who manages to pull off the facade of relatively put-together, decidedly-vocal suburban mom of two on the outside. She and her husband are raising their family in the same town where they grew up, and trying their darnedest to brainwash their son and daughter to love reading, indie music, and a vegetarian lifestyle (to varying levels of success). Email Mama Bear
    Twitter: AndreaKnudsen
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  • Mama Sully
    Mama Sully
    Mama Sully is an over-educated full-time sales exec, wife, mom, sister, dreamer, storyteller, check writer and advice giver with no self-editing skills. She likes to not cook and not clean, which gives her more time to skim self help books and worship Oprah Winfrey. Email Mama Sully
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  • Mom of Sass
    Mom of Sass
    Mom of Sass is a vegetarian, cloth-diapering, Prius-driving kind of woman with one daughter. She believes that laughter and the support of family & friends (and the occasional glass of wine) is all that's kept her sane in this crazy journey we call parenting. In her spare time she dabbles in book publishing, going to the gym, and speaking in full, adult sentences. But only sometimes. Email MomOfSass
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  • NewBourne Identity
    NewBourne Identity
    NewBourne Identity is a dad living in the Chicagoland area. His little girl is way too smart for him. He watches too many movies. Email NewBourne Identity
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  • OneStrongMama
    OneStrongMama is a stay-at-home mom to a busy toddler and unbalanced dog, an ACE certified personal trainer, and real food junkie.   When not chasing her son around, she can be found watching trashy tv, lifting heavy things, destroying her kitchen, and reading about all things health and fitness. Email OneStrongMama
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  • Recovering Type A Mama
    Recovering Type A Mama
    Recovering Type A Mama is a former neat freak who has learned to let go after getting married and having a child. She is also a working mom who misses her daughter desperately while at work, which usually lasts until five minutes after picking her up from child care, at which point she starts counting down the minutes until bed time. Although she knows she can't theoretically have it all, she still wants it all. Or at least a spotless corner she can claim for her own, where she can unwind from the day with a glass (or two) of wine. Email Recovering Type A Mama
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  • Traveling Pumper
    Traveling Pumper
    Traveling Pumper is a WAHM of two peanuts under age 2.5.  Just because she's a mom, she hasn't given up travel and has even found ways to keep her sanity while on the road with the little ones.  She's also a breastfeeding activist and dabbles in events and design in her non-existent free time. Email Traveling Pumper
    Twitter: TravelingPumper
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  • UffdaMommy
    UffdaMommy is a SAHM with two kids in diapers who sometimes misses her commute. She is a former anarchist with OCD tendencies whose goal is to organize the chaos of everyday life. Swimming against the tide is just a hobby. Email UffdaMommy
    Twitter: UffdaMommy
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