Bathroom Humor

My daughter’s parochial school spent a week focusing on how the students could be of service to others.

I thought this was a perfectly harmless theme.

Famous.  Last. Words.

One of the activities of service week involved my daughter’s class making a banner on which each child drew a picture of how they help out at home.  The teacher laminated these banners and hung them on the front fence of the school building.  The fence which every single teacher, parent and child walks past when arriving or leaving the school.

The banner was lovely.

Ethan did a nice drawing of himself setting the table for dinner.

Aidan portrayed himself playing nicely with his brother.

Sydney sketched herself making her bed.

My daughter drew a picture of herself cleaning the toilet.

Not only did she draw this, she made sure it was clearly labeled “I clean the toilet.”

As if that wasn’t bad enough, she also included me in the picture with the words out of my mouth being, “Here’s your money.”  So, not only has she humiliated me, she has also missed the point of contributing and serving her family, without, you know, getting paid.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, my daughter has never cleaned the toilet.  Ever.

When I asked her why she wrote that, she said she started trying to draw something else, but it looked like a toilet, so she decided to just go with it.