The Good, The Bad, The Ugly And The F-Word

Tonight my daughter disagreed with a comment on Dancing with the Stars and yelled, “What the F-word?!?!?”

The Good: She did not say the actual F-word.

The Bad: She knows the F-word.  She can use is properly in a sentence.

The Ugly: She referenced it in regard to a reality show.

It is possible that all three of these are completely my fault.

I’m not really sure what parenting approach to take on this.

Being Good: Praise her for the good of not saying the actual word?  Nah, that just reinforces her walking around saying “F-word!” That can only lead to both calls from school (bad for me) and taunts from classmates (bad for her).

Being Bad: Reprimand her for saying “F-word.” Although that doesn’t seem like the most actionable offense, it’s not exactly ideal, either.  While I’d like to stop it, she’s definitely in the “Oooooh, that pushes your buttons and got a reaction. I’m TOTALLY going that route next time!” phase.  This phase has lasted for pretty much her entire life.  The only way to make the F-word more attractive would be to put rhinestones around it.  Yes, my daughter is chasing that elusive combination of femininity with the ability to swear like a sailor.  (See above about this possibly being my fault)

Being Ugly: The reality show.  Perhaps I should cut out the reality television.  That’s what’s ugly.  But is “Dancing with the Stars” really so bad?  It’s not as if she’s watching the “Toddlers and Tiaras Vs. Dance Moms Pay Per View Smackdown officiated by the Real Housewives.” Such a show, however, may actually justify a “What the F-word?!?!?” from any viewer, regardless of age.

This scene is pretty typical of parenting for me. I don’t know what the F-word to do.