It’s The Little Things

My life often feels like a circus, a zoo or whatever other metaphor you can come up with. It’s busy. Often chaotic. With 2 small children dashing around the place, there’s always someone asking for food, a drink, help with some activity or other. Or they need their bum wiping, a diaper changing or some other mess clearing  up.

Lately, amid the chaos, I have been giving myself the opportunity to think about all those precious little moments which make me smile. Before my girls were born, there were certain things I assumed I’d get to enjoy – the usual milestones: first smile, first giggle, first word and so on. Now I realize that there are so many other things I just didn’t imagine and they’re just as wonderful. Perhaps even more so because they weren’t expected:

  •  My youngest recently signed ‘please’ for the first time.
  • My 3 ½ year old brought me a picture she’d colored, with the word ‘Mommy’ clearly written on the back.
  • We stayed in a vacation home a few weeks ago and on arriving, my 3 year old noticed the steep and slippery wooden staircase and promptly went off hunting for a stairgate to help keep her sister just a little bit safer.
  • Every time we get ready to leave the house now, my youngest daughter brings everyone their shoes and sets them at the feet, then waits patiently for us to put them on.
  • My 18 month old claps with such wonderful enthusiasm when her big sister finishes her rendition of ‘Twinkle, Twinkle’ or ‘The ABCs’.
  • The overwhelming excitement and enthusiasm my little one shows when she sees a rabbit or a bird in the garden is something almost magical and it always brings a smile to my face.

These moments are so small, yet so precious, and they make me smile every time.

It really is the little things.