The Difference Between Me And Him

Last weekend, after being inspired by some friends who recently came to visit, my husband and I decided to take turns looking after the children so we could each have a lie-in. I use the term ‘lie-in’ in the loosest sense since neither one of us are any good at it having endured years of early get ups, either from work wake-up alarms or our darling daughter who struggles to stay in bed past 6:30am any morning of the week.

Anyway, we decided to give a try, at the very least we’d get some extra time in bed knowing that that the kids weren’t going to disturb us.

Saturday morning was my hubby’s turn so as soon as I heard my daughter’s door open (somewhere between 6 and 6:30 – it’s all such a blur these days!) I leapt out of bed and shut our bedroom door behind me. We headed straight downstairs for milk and the required cup of tea and then turned the TV on really low and just chilled on the couch for a while. I made breakfast for my daughter and got everything ready to have a cuppa waiting for my hubby when he arrived downstairs. I cleared the sink, washed the dishes and then made pancakes for us all. Somewhere close to 7:30, I heard him get up and shower and by the time he was ready for the day, our littlest one was up waiting to give him a big hug and a kiss too. A pretty good start to the day by all accounts and of course, he could’ve stayed in bed longer if he’d wanted to but I am sure with 3 gorgeous girls waiting for him, the urge to get up was all too much!

So, this all meant Sunday was my turn to lie in. Darling daughter awoke, hubby disappeared downstairs with her and I got enjoy some peace and quiet in bed. And that is where the similarity between our experiences ends.

As I lay there, I was certainly enjoying how quiet it was… almost too quiet in fact. When I did manage to get my butt out of bed, again, probably only an hour or so later, I discovered why. They had actually taken themselves off into the basement (no sound travels up from there) and were watching kids TV, both in their dressing gowns. For them: cute Daddy-daughter time. For me: no cup of tea waiting; no breakfast made; no dishes done; clean dishes still on the draining board. Just the same as every other day of the week (aside from the tea thing – he does almost always make me tea in the morning, bless him.)

Still, I did get a few moments of peace and quiet and, for a Mom of two little ones, that’s not to be sniffed out.

Methinks, however, that it is already time to create some ‘rules’ for this “it’s your turn to lie-in” thing.