Five Tips for Living Green That Your Toddler Can Teach You

As parents we tend to focus on what we should teach our children. How to listen, eat, be polite, recycle, not to pick their nose, etc. But, there’s a lot we can learn from them too. I was watching my 2.5 year old son the other day and I realized there are at least five living green tips I could learn from him:

    1. Don’t drive. Walk.  If loading your toddler into a car is as much fun for you as it is for me, walking everywhere can often get me there faster. Plus, walking is healthy and it minimizes your carbon output.
    2. Reusable Water Bottles/Cups. Toddlers love using reusable cups and they’re a great investment. They save you money because you can fill them in advance and they’re green because you can reuse them over and over.
    3. Toys are Toys. Condition Doesn’t Matter. As adults, when our toys loose their “sheen” we upgrade or replace. To a toddler, even a bear that’s missing a button or a game missing pieces is still a source of entertainment and joy.
    4. Repurpose. A toddler’s imagination is limitless. An egg carton can turn into a caterpillar. Empty yogurt cups are bells. That belt you hate and doesn’t fit around your waist anymore–to a toddler it’s a great dog collar.
    5. Grow and Pick Your Own. The best way to get a child to eat his/her veggies is to let them grow and pick their own. And, guess what? Growing and using your own fruits and vegetables is sustainable and healthy way to eat.

What green lifestyle practices have you learned from your children?