Being “That” Mom: Overcoming Loss With The March Of Dimes

Today, we are proud to welcome Jessica Watson of Four Plus An Angel. Jessica is a mother of five – as she says, four in her arms in and one in her heart. Jessica has been through a lot: single motherhood and remarriage, a daughter on the autism spectrum and leaving the NICU with two instead of her three beautiful triplets. With her kids ranging from a teenager to two, she has plenty of stories. You can learn more about Jessica here.

Jessica has always impressed me. There is a strength and grace in her writing that I greatly admire. She is genuine and approachable, and simply put: I like what she does.

Thank you, Jessica, for sharing your story with us today.

We lost our daughter, one of triplets, after they were born 12 weeks premature over 4 years ago.

There are days when grief swallows me whole and I’m not really sure what to do with myself, or my relenting ache, or the ever-present emptiness.

Four years of grief have passed and I am still caught off guard by the current.

The edges of grief and the intense gratitude for the life that is and the life that was, all meet somewhere within me and blur to one place of being, of living, without my whole world here.

I am tired of the relentless grief, of hearing new stories of loss and heartache, of being that mom along with so many others.

NO ONE, NO ONE EVER, should sit by the side of a piece of their heart in intensive care or walk through life with that piece missing.

We, as mothers, deserve a blissful, bonding nine months of rubbing a belly full of life and the immeasurable prize of a tiny, pink newborn to take home in the end.

But we don’t all get that and we don’t all know what to do when it doesn’t happen for someone else either.

So here is what you can do for me and the millions of other moms who are that mom…

You can breathe in and treasure that cooing baby wrapped around your waist and read that toddler pulling the glasses off your face one extra bedtime story and appreciate the warmth of the hand of the little girl strutting next to you with shoes on the wrong feet and give an extra long hug and a warm smile to that teenager grabbing for your car keys, because appreciating the life that is here is the most tremendous way to honor the life that is not.

And if you still want to do more?  You can, because is there is no more worthy cause to support healthy pregnancies and healthy babies than the March of Dimes.

I am walking in the March for Babies again this year and have doubled my fundraising goal.

I am going to walk for my preemies who won their battle with life and my preemie who lost hers and all of those moms of babies born weeks or months too early and those of babies who took their last breath and those of high risk pregnancies that left them wondering if a baby would “be” at all.

I am walking because I am grieving with so many others. What the March of Dimes has created through this walk and this day makes being that mom a title I have an ounce of power over.

If you want to do more, click that my beautiful baby’s picture below, and you’ll get to my March of Dimes page. I am so, so close to my goal and only have two more days to get there. Thank you.