Blogging, Business and Philanthropy: Doing It Better

J. Money and Nate St. Pierre have a knack of building businesses together. And now, they’re utilizing their skills to help others with their own ventures.

After I met J. Money, known largely for his finance blog, Budgets Are Sexy, at BlogHer last year, I asked if I could write a post his and Nate’s philanthropic efforts via Love Drop. When I published the piece, J$ warmly responded with, “Oh wow, you got it right! Most people mess up the details! And hey, you can write!”

With that glowing endorsement, how could I not want to write about this duo again?

Although they’ve closed Love Drop, its impact to both the families they helped and the community at large is still growing. Similar groups have sprung up in other areas, inspired by the work that microgiving can do.

As for Jay and Nate, they are helping others in a new way: Providing their expertise as consultants.

But let’s go back – How did these two pair up in the first place? The two were introduced through a friend, and met when they spent a day meeting at on the west coast at Google.

Hitting it off immediately, they found their strengths complemented each other. Nate was good at philanthropy and organizing people. Jay’s strength was finances, and wanted to become more involved in philanthropic efforts. Nate focuses on the big picture, whereas Jay likes to see the detailed steps and ensures execution.

It was during their conversations that very first day that they came up with Love Drop. In fact, their second time together in person was at the the initial “drop.” Think about that for a moment: The first day they met, they came up with the idea for an organization that raised over $90,000 to help 12 families in 12 cities, mobilizing people across the country.

Living in different parts of the U.S. while building a business had its challenges, but they worked through them with a lot of time on the phone, Skype and spending 3-4 days each month together in random cities for Love Drop.

Their year of business together and the myriad of other successes in the online space are what make them effective consultants to those need help shaping ideas, building business plans or expand one’s audience for an existing business.

Packages vary from one focused call, including prep work and follow-up connecting you with resources, to ongoing business structure and organization work. The client steers the focus and goals of the meetings. Their feedback is candid – Jay laughs that Nate often gets to be “bad cop,” while Jay is more known for his smiley emoticons everywhere.

Who is the best fit?

  • Younger and intermediate bloggers
  • Small web business owners
  • Established bloggers looking to build their community or a business-based platform

Their clients have included a range from those who have only been online for a few weeks, all the way to established sites such as Groupon.

Whether you are determining the viability of a project or need help implementing your plan, their site is worth checking out!

And of course, these two never sit still. Amongst others, here are a couple of other places you can find Nate and Jay: Nate’s home site and project hub

Budgets Are Sexy: Jay’s primary site, providing financial sense to the masses

The Mix-Up: Nate’s newest project, he describes it as: “A cool place on the web like no other. It gathers groups like bloggers, YouTubers, designers and photographers to mix up their audience. There are competitions, collaborations, features and a chance to be silly. You can meet new people, establish connections, and get a good spike in traffic at the same time.” To really understand what it’s all about, you’ll have to go look around.

Serve First: Spun off from Love Drop, Serve First works with conferences around the country to organize volunteer events for conference attendees. You provide the conference, they’ll get your philanthropic efforts in order.

Note: I did not receive any compensation or services for writing this post, except perhaps a few “:)” from J$.