Save, Spend and Share, Preschool Style

My daughter is three and I’ve been thinking a lot about how, as she gets older, I will incorporate both money management and the importance of giving back into her daily life.

I think, like a number of others I’ve read, I will utilize the three-pot system with (1) save, (2) spend and (3) share (charity).

[There is a good, quick read about it here: Spend Save Share with the Preschool Set]


There is a local drop-off to which we bring a lot of clothing and household goods when we no longer need them. My kids know the people out there manning it and I’ve started explaining to Abby in basic terms what we’re doing.

On Friday, I had just taken Abby to get her first leotard, tutu and ballet shoes for upcoming classes. I decided on the way home that we would drop off some gear for donation.

I’m proud as I listen to her chirp along, asking me for confirmation that she understands everything correctly.

We give to charity because we’re lucky, right, Mommy? Not everyone is that lucky. We need to be good people and to help others.

In a nutshell, yes, baby.

Then, as she looked at the bags I had set aside in the car, her eyes became saucers, her voice low:

Just please don’t give them my ballerina stuff, okay?

It’s a start.