Spend a Dollar, Change a Life

Spend a dollar, change a life. That’s the credo for Love Drop, an organization founded by Nate St. Pierre and J. Money.

I love organizations that make it easy to participate, and Love Drop does that. I learned about this group out at the BlogHer conference – because it’s hard to miss a guy with a mohawk wandering around in a sea of 3,600 primarily female bloggers. That would be J. Money, blogger and do-gooder who knows how to mobilize online communities around a cause – because it’s a damn good one.

Love Drop’s goal is to help one person or family each month. That person is chosen through nominations from their Love Drop Team members. And how do you become a member? You give something – anything – that you can, whether cash, gift cards, services or products.

Every month, goals are set. For example, in August, the beneficiary was Lucy, who needed a bone marrow transplant from her sister to survive a rare disease. Love Drop’s goal planned to raise $3,000 to cover six months of insurance payments and provide hand-written notes to be read to her every day during her recovery. Simple and overwhelmingly awesome.

By the end of the month, they headed to Wichita for the official “drop” with Lucy’s family and friends. There were bags full of gifts, from silly to serious. Instead of $3,000, they were able to give her over $4,500, topped off with a laptop to help her pass the time while in the hospital for three months. To see what the gathering entailed, check out the recap video here:

Love Drop’s website includes videos of these families and their stories throughout the month so you get to know who you are helping. The concept of this micro-giving is this: People gathering together, even giving small amounts, can make a huge impact in someone’s life.

For September, Love Drop is helping Melanie, a mother of four. She was out for a walk with her son when she was hit by a car. She is healing, but has a long road before she will be able to walk or get around her home. Love Drop plans to raise at least $3,000 to provide a front-loading washer and dryer and a new stove with front controls so she can still take care of her family. Additional funding will go to home improvements to help her get around during recovery.

I love this. It’s simple. It’s practical – and it’s necessary. We, as parents, understand that we often don’t get to be sick for a day because our families need us. I cannot imagine trying to take care of my home and family while recovering in a wheelchair.

I’m glad that there is an organization working to provide real assistance to her quickly, when she truly needs it.

Jill Markussen, one of the Love Drop recipients, said this:

The impact that the Love Drop had on us was so profound and life altering. There were people from all over the US sending letters, homemade gifts, donating money, just showing their love and support for us. The overwhelming support that poured in through the Love Drop from all over the country strengthened all of our beliefs that there really are many more good people in the world than bad, and people genuinely like to help when someone is down. It was an amazing feeling.

Want to make a difference? Visit Love Drop’s website to learn more about their organization, and consider a donation to help Melanie.