Mama’s Munchies – Spunky Coconut’s “Peanut Butter” Cups

Since I do quite a bit of experimenting in the kitchen, I’m going to introduce a new series called “Mama’s Munchies” that documents some of my successes and failures in the kitchen while cooking for my food restricted family. (I should note that my husband eats “normally” since he’s allergy and intolerance free. If a recipe passes his taste bud test, it must be pretty darn good!).

I love peanut butter and nut butters of all kinds.  Since we discovered my son’s peanut and tree nut allergies, I made the switch over to sunflower seed butter.  I was pleasantly surprised at how it tastes.  Its flavor is extremely close to peanut butter.  It has a little bit of a different aftertaste and can be a little gritty, depending on the brand you buy, but I really enjoy it.  I’ve used it in cookies, breads, and as a spread.

As Easter approached, I decided that I wanted to try to make some homemade candy.  Spunky Coconut is one of my favorite food blogs, and Kelly posted a recipe for a mock peanut butter cup recently using sunflower seed butter. I decided to give it a try.

The first time I try a new recipe, I try to follow it exactly as the author suggests.  If I like it, I’ll tweak it to suit our tastes in later batches.  I used creamy SunButter (it can be found at most grocery stores, Target, and Whole Foods) and Chocolove 73% dark chocolate (NOTE: it’s possible that Chocolove contains trace amounts of milk and nuts.  Per their website, they use separate moldings and melting tanks to avoid cross contamination, but they cannot guarantee that their dark chocolate is totally milk or nut free. I haven’t had problems with it, but will not give it to my son).

The initial step of spreading the melted chocolate was a little tricky, and mine definitely didn’t look as pretty as Kelly’s.  Next time, I will probably take her suggestion about sticking the melted chocolate in the freezer for a quick minute to let it harden up a little bit. I made the filling as she suggests, but didn’t cut it in half.  I used the leftover filling to create a small batch of freezer “fudge.”  I, ultimately, decided to leave the frosting off. My sweet tooth isn’t as strong as it used to be, and I knew that frosting would put the sweet factor over the top.

Overall, I thought this was a really good recipe. A little labor intensive, but could easily be doubled, and extras kept frozen for a later date.  It totally hit the spot in terms of hitting a peanut butter cup craving.  Next time I’m going to try this using Enjoy Life chocolate to make it totally safe for my son.

Do you have peanut allergies in your family? Give these a try!