Our Final Post

You might have noticed in the past few months, we’ve been a little quieter than our normal rowdy selves online. We took most of May off, and have spent less time on Twitter and in our other online communities.

The good news is that we’ve got exciting things going on – Mama Sully and NewBourne Identity are steadily building their own businesses. A number of the writers have added to their families. I am making the transition from SAHM to being back in the workforce full time.

I am someone who commits 100% to projects. The downside to all of our adventures offline is that it leaves less time, energy and creativity for IBC. So, sadly, today will be our last post.

Ever the optimists, we will leave the site up, and hopefully we’ll be able to re-launch at a later date, older, wiser and with more grey hairs from the kids.

I cannot express adequately much we appreciate the time that you have spent reading, commenting and getting to know us and inviting us to become acquainted with you as well. We’ve loved our time together. And for myself, I’ve loved getting to know some of you even more through conferences, collaborations and emails. I look forward to continuing those relationships.

You’ve provided a wonderful community. Thank you.


  • Gooddayregularpeople

    This makes me sad, but I know how you have to take care of yourself.

    You have a high quality, fun, readable, encouraging site here.

    I am sorry to hear this, but I understand.

    So very much.

    Happy I know you!!

    • http://www.itbuildscharacter.com ChiMomWriter

      Thanks, Alexandra. I still spend a good amount of time near your neighborhood. One of these days, we’ll get our schedules to align!

  • http://www.literalmom.com/ Missy | Literal Mom

    Tears. I discovered you through this site.  And I’m ever thankful I did.  And I’m so happy we’ll stay “together” at other places.  And I’m so happy you landed that job!

    • http://www.itbuildscharacter.com ChiMomWriter

      I’m looking forward to continuing at Just. Be. Enough. with you – and I’m still counting on the Literal Mom lessons!

  • Kate F. @katefineske

    So sad to hear this. But, as the cliches goees – all good things must come to an end. Good luck to everyone in their ongoing endevors. You will be missed here :(

    • http://www.itbuildscharacter.com ChiMomWriter

      Thanks, Kate. I look forward to keeping up with all you’re doing at On the Go Momma!

  • Karen @mom-mom-mom

    Bittersweet — happy for your next adventure but will miss your wonderful storytelling. A friend of mine recently gave me great advice: By saying “no” you are saying “yes” to space. I’ll be here waiting for the gray-haired tales of stealing rolls from Denny’s! Best wishes. So glad that our paths have crossed in this crazy blogging world. Xox

    • http://www.itbuildscharacter.com ChiMomWriter

      Thanks, Karen. And that IS good advice – It was a difficult decision, but the right one for now. We might have to finally get that “offline” coffee. ;)

  • danperezfilms

    Gonna miss this blog – it was one of my faves. Good luck in your new adventures.

  • danperezfilms

    Gonna miss this blog – it was one of my faves. Good luck in your new adventures.

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