What We’re Reading This Week: April 25th

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Mama Kat’s Losin’ It: Babies And Daddies (Some of this is funny but some is just stinkin’ adorable)

YouTube via Nerdist: Jon Hamm Is Perfect EVEN AT BOWLING: Mad Men vs. Nerdist – All Star Bowling


Grist: Paper Asks: Does High-Fructose Corn Syrup Contribute To A Rise In Autism?

Mighty Nest: Natural Feminine Care


Nate St. Pierre:  4 Quick Thoughts On Business And Life

My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog via Erin L Margolin: Surviving The Internet One Anxiety Pill At A Time

Blackboard Kitchen: 13 Years And It Still Isn’t Over

Sellabit Mum: Be A Good Friend

Redefine Girly: Remember This: 8 Things I Want To Tell My 8 Year Old Daughter

Ex Posts Facto: Why You Should Expect The Very Best TODAY

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