What We’re Reading This Week: February 29th

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I’m Gonna Kill Him: This Truck Will Go On And On. Like Celine Dion’s Heart.
Every couple has things that one partner knows the other should be ashamed of, and yet isn’t. For my husband, it was a jean vest paired WITH a jean jacket. For Erin, it is her husband’s truck.

Telling Dad: The Children’s Museum Would Have Been Awesome. If It Hadn’t Been For the Children.
I am still laughing. Here’s a teaser:

Driving off a cliff drug-free is important because I wouldn’t want the paramedics rifling through the smoldering wreckage to think I was just some drug abuser who lost control of his vehicle. Instead, I’d want them to see the calm look of relief on my deceased face and unanimously agree, “The man obviously just snapped.” All while the five strapped-in instigators continued to argue over who touched who first on the way down.

Out-Numbered: Happy Birthday, Unsucked
This post isn’t from the past week, but it made me laugh that his 5 year old said his peenie looked like Squidward’s nose.


Poynter.org: NPR’s New Guidelines For Using Social Networks: ‘Respect Their Cultures’
Great overview of key points for using social networks well. Although directed at those reporting the news, the due diligence and care that is encouraged could serve us all well.

Daily Mail Online: MICRO Maternity Leave
Interesting read about women rushing back to work (including that for some in the UK, 3 months is considered “rushing”).

Huffington Post: Rich People More Likely To Take Candy From Children: Real Report
It’s true. Rich people are more likely to act like asshats.

Gazette.Net [Maryland]: Frederick Schools Not Liable In Peanut Allergy Case
I would love to know what you all think about this dismissal. With the prevalence and severity of peanut allergies, I’m surprised this is actually a given option for school meals these days. How much responsibility should the school have?


The Miss Elaine-ous Life: In The Silence
What could you gain from a little more silence?

Diving For Pearls: Joy, Or “Just Wait?”
A great post reminding us that parenting is complicated yet rewarding. When you read this post, be prepared to lose an hour reading through this family’s story around the site. Wonderful writing to be found here.

Lost And Tired: PLEASE Lose The Word “Retard” From Your Vocabulary
This is the line that got me: “My special and amazingly beautiful children that you insult and degrade are stronger then you and I. You see, they will forgive you for calling them that…I won’t.”

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