What We’re Reading This Week: January 4th

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Mom-Mom-Mom: Worth The 12 Bucks In Bribes

Ironic Mom: Beauty Dos and Don’ts From A Sassy Mom

Countdown With Scary Mommy Via The Stir: 25 Best Mom Confessions of 2011

Sellabit Mum: The Resolutions My Kids Made For Me…

The Manwife Chronicles: Thank You For Your Job Reference

Not Super… Just Mom: Pompous Blowhard

Life’s Crazy Joke: A New Year’s Resolution That Makes My Mom Proud


FoxNews: 7 Foods You Should Never Eat

USA Today: What’s Your Personal ‘Bookprint’?

Huffington Post: 2011 Time Lapses: The Best Nature Videos Of The Year

(Okay, we’re light on news this week. It was the holidays. We were heavy on family and flu.)


The Bloggess: The Fight Goes On

M. Molly Backes: How To Be A Writer

Marc and Angel Hack Life: 30 Things To Stop Doing To Yourself

C. Mom: What I Learned About Blogging In 2011

A Letter To My Children: Our Little Candle

Naked Girl In A Dress: How To Make New Year’s Resolutions (And Be Happy)

Mommy Wants Vodka: Pathway Through (The) Secret Door

Literal Mom: Bring On The Clean (Living, That Is) In 2012 – And A Giveaway

Parenting Post: New Year’s Resolutions: Yep, I Made Some

Family Circle: Stick To Your Money Resolutions

Don’t Speak Whinese: Tips On Planning Camping Trips For The Summer: Start Now!

Mommy Masters: The Binky “Me-Me” Diaries

Curvy Girl Guide: Reinventing The Resolution 2012: Take Back Your Number

Rage Against The Minivan: What I Want You To Know: Coping With Miscarriage

Always Learning: A Small, Good Resolution: Stop Lying (Even The “White” Lies)

On The Go Momma: Validating A Job Well Done

Mom Spark: Cool Finds: Cool Calendars For A New Year

Dear Crissy via Babble: 7 Annoying Things People Say About Potty Training

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