What We’re Reading This Week: June 28th

Join us each Wednesday for a collection of stories, blog posts, and whatever else we’ve found interesting to check out.


Brittany Herself: A Totally Hypothetical In No Way Real STOP STARING AT ME Cautionary Tale

Lori Dyan: Arrested Development 101

Expats Post: Walk Softly (And Carry A Big Sense Of Humor)

Wendi Aarons: What’s Your Brother Doing?


Natural News: MMR Causes Autism, Proven In Italian Court Case

The New Yorker Books: Spoiled Rotten: Why Do Kids Rule The Roost?


CBS News: Why My Child Will Be Your Child’s Boss

Salon: All My Parenting Mistakes

SheKnows Parenting: Raising A Full House

Parenting: It Worked For Me! Tub Trick

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