What We’re Reading This Week: October 12

Join us each Wednesday for a collection of links to stories, blog posts, and whatever else we’ve found interesting to check out.


The Manwife Chronicles: The Rejection Letter

The Barefoot Foodie: The Bridal Shower

What Would Tyler Durden Do?: Is Beyonce Pregnant Or Not?


ABC News: Eat Chocolate, Reduce Stroke Risk?

Huffington Post: Will The Decline Of Formula Freebies Lead To Better Breastfeeding Practices In Hospitals?

Gawker: Colleges Second-Guess The ‘Raise Prices Forever’ Plan


Old Tweener at Moonfrye: What Will You Remember?

Theta Mom: No One

60 Second Parent: Encouraging Creativity In Young Children

Mommy Masters: October Parenting Tip

Common Cents Mom: Creating The Perfect Costume

Mom Life Today: 10 Ways to Avoid Mama Burnout (Part 1)

Mommy Words: Sophia’s Ocean Themed Birthday Party

Motherhood Unadorned: Strong Start Day for Postpartum Moms

Red Ted Art’s Blog: Autumn Get Crafty 2011: Crafts & Ideas For Autumn

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