What We’re Reading This Week: April 11th

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Suburban Snapshots: My Reward Chart Was Previously A Bit Optimistic

Wendi Aarons: What My Kids Think I Do All Day When They’re At School


 Life’s Crazy Joke: Your Employer May Not Offer You Benefits Anymore

The Daily Beast: Ashley Judd Slaps Media In The Face For Speculation Over Her ‘Puffy’ Appearance


The Happiness Project: Overwhelmed? 9 Quick Tips For Keeping Your Home Feeling Serene And Organized

Life on the Mama Track: Sharing Lovey

Literal Mom: I Hate Holidays. Here’s Why.

Sober Julie Doing Life: Blood Clots – The Silent Killer

Single Dad Laughing: I’m Christian, Unless You’re Gay

Good Enough Parenting: Personal and Political

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