How Much Do You “Like” Savings?

This is the email that I received this morning from Tea Collection. If enough people “like” their Facebook page, they will increase their discount on a specific selection of t-shirts and tops.

Melissa & Doug received some heat earlier this week from bloggers about a slightly different campaign where originally a blogger had to get 200 “likes” from their readers in order to be eligible for a toy giveaway.

What do you think about these types of campaigns? Personally, my Facebook is now getting as cluttered as my email accounts with alerts and advertising. As much as I love a good deal, I don’t see myself hitting “Like” for every random sale and brand.

Weigh in – Are brands just changing with the times? Will you respond to these campaigns? Where do you want to be notified of discounts?

  • Travelingpumper

    If i like a brand enough, I’ll seek out their facebook/twitter accounts, but I don’t want to be pressured to do so–it’s exhausting.

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