How to organize your life around what fulfills you

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The theme in April at EverydayFamily is organization. I immediately knew I wanted to talk with Theresa Sullivan of Wayfinder Advisors. Sullivan is a professional coach whose sessions have provided a lot of clarity for me, and whose exercises I still use to make decisions. As a working mom of three who has excelled in…

Preschoolers and public tantrums: I asked Dr. G.


Austin, who is almost four, has gotten very skilled at the public temper tantrum lately. While I know what tactics work well at home, because Austin uses his volume level as one of the key components of his meltdowns, I’m often at a loss as to how I should deal with these episodes when we…

Note to self: Stop trying to sound cool to the babysitter


I instantly aged myself last weekend – I tried to sound cool to the babysitter. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m not that old… But to a 16-year-old? I remember (vaguely, through a thick net of cobwebs) how unfathomable 30 seemed, let alone where I am now. I didn’t mean to inflict harm on this poor girl…

Car travel with kids: Organization tips

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It’s Monday, which means I’m over at EverydayFamily today! If you’re like me, spring and summer gets you excited to head out on the road – And yes, I love driving with my kids. We’ve logged some miles, worked our way through car sickness, and even a little bit of vomit. So, I can tell…

Work: the next chapter


Working for a small, growing company means that things change quickly, and often. It’s exciting, and it monotony is not something we have to worry about. I’m used to a quick pace and jumping in where needed, so I’m comfortable in that environment. As the Marketing Director, I get to mold strategy, which I enjoy….

At EverydayFamily: Cutting your screen time benefits your kids

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Happy Monday! I’m over at EverydayFamily today talking about screen time. We’ve all read about how reducing our kids’ screen time makes for healthier kids. But, cutting our own screen time has benefits as well. For example, want to stick around to see your kids graduate? Check this out: “A 2011 study showed that ‘individuals…

School bans and leggings: When are parents the problem?

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I got a little fired up yesterday reading a number of articles and commenter responses about the leggings debate taking place across the country. The center of the parental uproar against these bans is that it gives girls the wrong message – That they are responsible for boys’ bad behavior when ogling or distracted. I…

At EverydayFamily: Preschoolers, sports, and changing tactics


Have you noticed that as your kids get older your tried-and-true parenting methods aren’t quite as effective anymore? I learned that one very quickly this winter with Austin and swimming. While talking through change and challenges has always been a way to prepare him for something new, when it came to sports, the results were a…