How do kids benefit from a working mom?

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Leave the mommy wars at home – This is not about why being a working mom is cooler than being a stay-at-home mom. We all know there are benefits to both. If you happen to work, whether at home or in an office, there are a few important ways that your kids benefit. I’m over…

Kids’ music you’ll love

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One of the many things that has caught me completely off guard as a parent is that a lot of the music made for kids today is actually pretty good. Some of it I even listen to when the kids aren’t around. Some of it is because adult artists have crossed over to children’s music,…

Tips for daycare and preschool dropoffs

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I know it’s been quiet over here lately – We are in the middle of some exciting new projects at work, but I will share more about that next week! Alongside work, another school year is starting. Abby is getting ready to start kindergarten while Austin will stay at the daycare Pre-K class. As we…

At EverydayFamily: Books that get kids excited about school

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Both of my kids have enjoyed preschool and daycare, but the transitions were not always easy. I have had to pry them off of me, create elaborate routines to get them settled, and worked with teachers to find ways to help their mornings get off to a happy start. Whether your kids are in heading…

Tips for camping with kids


I’ve taken my kids camping a few times now over the past several years, and most of it has been fun. Some of it, though, has involved a little trial and error. I know now, for example, that if my son wakes up and has to put a snowsuit on because he is so cold,…

At EverydayFamily: No excuses! Easy resources to up your financial savvy

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I hate dealing with my finances. When I was married, I paid the daily bills but I stayed far, far away from the big financial picture. Starting over, I have been forced to get my head in the game and understand my finances in a much bigger sense. Whether married or single, everyone should have…

When moms go out

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When is the last time you had a “girls’ night out”? These days, they are harder to come by – and end much, much earlier. I’m over at EverydayFamily this week with what a GNO looks like as a mom. Come by and let me know if this sounds familiar! ~ChiMomWriter

Great children’s books for families outside the cookie cutter


I am over at EverydayFamily this week with a list of great children’s books for “non-traditional” families. I struggled with that title quite a bit, because I don’t really know what “traditional” is these days. Most families I know fall outside of the cookie cutter, and I am excited to see more children’s books recognize…